Healthy Clubs Choose HydroMassage

No more slow season

Drive year-round business and generate additional income during the slow season by adding spa services, like water massage, to your tanning salon. Adding the water massage bed to your salon increases your ability to sell more packages and encourages clients to come back for year-round pampering.

FAQ for Tanning/Spa Clients

HydroMassage water massage beds and lounges offer proven user & financial benefits and is a great finish to a rejuvinating spa or salon experience.

With an array of options users can choose the perfect experience for their water massage.

Spas & Salons adding HydroMassage are reducing seasonal down time and increasing profits


Your clients will enjoy water massage for less than $20 per month. Compared to hands-on-massage, HydroMasssage is substantially more affordable.


HydroMasssage beds and lounges help to differentiate your salon by appealing to different demographics.


HydroMasssage water massage provides a solution for the traditional slow seasons in tanning...there is no slow season for massage!

I definitely feel that the HydroMassage puts us a step above the rest of the tanning salons.
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Enhance Your Client's Experience with HydroMassage.

Give your clients a unique form of water massage therapy with HydroMassage Beds and Lounges. HydroMassage is an unattended water massage bed, therefore ideal for clients who don't want to disrobe or be touched by a massage therapist. Additionally, your clients don't have to set apart a large part of their day to enjoy HydroMassage, they can enjoy it on their lunch break, before work...anytime!

FAQ for Tanning/Spa Clients

*HydroMassage systems do not heal or cure any conditions. Any benefits of HydroMassage systems are temporary and apply only to the areas of the body receiving massage.

DISCLAIMER: In Canada, HydroMassage products have not been registered as Class-II medical devices, and therefore may not be advertised, presented and/or indicated for use as a medical device in association with specific medical benefits. For any Canadian inquiries, please visit for more information
Client & Member Benefits

Provides temporary relief of minor aches and pains

Reduces level of stress and anxiety

Deep relaxation provides feeling of well-being

Increases circulation in local areas where massaged

Relieves muscle soreness, stiffness, and tension