Reset your HydroMassage:

NOTE: Try this before calling HydroMassage Tech Support, these steps will resolve most minor issues

1. Shut down / turn off the Touchscreen monitor by pressing the blue power button

2. Unplug the HydroMassage 220V electrical cord from wall outlet

3. Re-boot the Touchscreen by pressing the blue power button again, and wait for the HydroMassage software to automatically load on the Touchscreen monitor

4. Once you see the HydroMassage software reboot on the Touchscreen, plug the HydroMassage 220V electrical cord back into wall outlet (only after you see a “Communication Error” box on the screen)

5. Wait approx 45 seconds for the system to initialize If your HydroMassage bed does not have a Touchscreen control, simply unplug the 220V electrical cord from the wall outlet, wait approx 60 seconds, and plug the cord back in to re-initialize the system.




Recommended Maintenance Schedule


1. Reboot the PC and the HydroMassage per the instructions above.
2. We suggest using the HydroMassage regularly yourself so you have firsthand experience when discussing the benefits.

Every 3 Months

1. Add Defoamacide to ensure the water pressure stays consistent and clean. **ONLY USE HydroMassage Defoamacide.
  1. Add 2 teaspoons with 1 gallon distilled water if LESS than 30 massages /day
  2. Add 2 teaspoons with 2 gallons distilled water if MORE than 30 massages /day

1. Drain and clean bed. Replace the distilled water, and add 2 teaspoons of Defoamacide. Instructions included both in the manual and on-line at this link: Instructions
  1. Add 25 gallons if HydroMassage averages LESS than 30 massages / day
  2. Add 30 gallons if HydroMassage averages MORE than 30 massages / day
2. Vacuum dust from cooling system intake (every 6 months if needed).

3. Replace the rubber barrier – See your owner's manual for step-by-step instructions.


Contact HydroMassage

Technical Support 1-800-699-1008 x 2515

Admin / Logistics 1-800-699-1008 x 1010

Accounting 1-800-699-1008 x 1016

Marketing Support 1-800-699-1008 x 1027


Marketing Support

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