Testimonials from HydroMassage Bed and Lounge Owners

Fitness center owners all over the nation are adding HydroMassage water massage Beds and Lounges to their fitness clubs and have this to say about the experience:

"We end new tours at the HydroMassage Bed. They get a water massage, and come out ready to sign up for a membership" -Chris Paris, Anytime Fitness

"We make it [HydroMassage] part of our Peak membership in our Crunch franchise locations. It’s been a great benefit for our low cost model clubs. Members are very surprised when they actually try it, and feel that it is a great value. We looked at other water massage units, but HydroMassage was the clear market leader." - Mike Feeney, Crunch Fitness

"We replaced tanning with three HydroMassage beds and are now on pace to make 3-4X the money we were making from tanning." - Matt Remick, Rochester Athletic Club

"At least 3 out of 5 new members are buying the HydroMassage upgrade...this means about $5K - $7K more for us per month, per club." - Josh Schaubach, Snap Fitness

"The biggest thing is that it helps get people in the door. I would never open a club without HydroMassage" - Anthony Burton, Anytime Fitness

"The best practice is to make sure it's [the HydroMassage Bed] used at the very end of club tours. If you get people to demo it, you'll convert seven or eight out of ten members. If not, you'll convert one or two." - Tracy Childress, Riviera Fitness Club Owner

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"At The Atlantic Club, we take a wellness-based approach with our members, emphasizing exercise, diet, and recovery, so HydroMassage is a natural fit for us. As a bonus to the value it provides our members, HydroMassage has also turned into a nice profit center, at $25 additional per month." - Kevin McHugh, The Atlantic Club

"People say if we ever removed HydroMassage, they would be out front picketing to get it back." - J. and M. Krinsky, Anytime Fitness

"People love HydroMassage. We have several units in all of our clubs now. As a result of strong member demand, we actually bumped the number up to eight units in our newer locations." - Cory Brightwell, Chuze Fitness

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"Members love it. The quality of water massage is fantastic." - Brian Murray, Anytime Fitness

"We’ve experimented with a number of different concepts in our premium package, but nothing else had the impact that we’ve seen from HydroMassage. Our premium membership sales more than doubled. It really generated a new level of excitement with our members." - Amy Bueme, Catalyst Fitness

"We did our homework on HydroMassage and talked to other Rex Roundtable members before we started adding the Lounges to our clubs. The results have exceeded my expectations, as our monthly dues are higher by $15 almost across the board. If you love your members and also want to increase your club’s revenue, the decision is simple. You have to have HydroMassage in your clubs." - Ken Davies, City Fitness

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"I have purchased 3 HydroMassage beds now... My thought is to add other revenue streams to the club" - Andy Gundlach, Anytime Fitness

"No doubt they [HydroMassage water massage beds] have helped with our Premium membership sales, but the results are the best when our franchisees set up a bed in a presale location. In those situations, we see higher closing rates across the board; not just in our premium packages." - Steve Strickland, Workout Anytime

Boost your premium membership sales and attract new members with a healthy new profit center. HydroMassage water massage Beds and Lounges provide your members post-workout relaxation, recovery and rejuventation.

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